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What Do Colours Mean In Magic And Witchcraft?

colour in magic

Colours are very important in all types of magic. Colours touch different parts of your unconscious mind, and trigger emotions and feelings, and help you to unlock your magic energy and power. Using the right colours in your magic is vital for getting the best results.

Many people use colours differently - that's OK. We all see colours differently and they mean different things to each of us individually. How you choose to use colours is up to you and will depend on your personal preferences.

Modern magic makes use of colour in a variety of ways: through candles, altar cloths, oils, coloured water, clothes and robes, charms, plants and herbs, gems and crystals and so on, all add to the power of your magic.

The Ancient Egyptians had sacred chambers lit with colored sunlight within their temples. Rays of sunlight were split into the different colors of the rainbow so that each healing room was illuminated with a single, vivid color.

Visitors would be diagnosed and put into the coloured chamber that would best heal and restore them. And it is said that the citizens of the lost civilization of Atlantis, which many scholars maintain really did exist, had similar healing chambers lit by crystal filtered light.

Below is a list of colours as used by me in the magic spells available on this website.

Red - usually meant for passion, lust and love, red is a very strong and powerful colour. It is a "whole body" colour, causing a reaction across all of you. Raising your heartbeat, focusing your attention and activating your body and mind. Red is used in our Love Spells.

Red is also used sometimes for anger, although spells should never be cast in anger.

Yellow - used for healing, calming, confidence, concentration and change. Yellow brings inspiration and warmth, and helps to heal. Yellow is used in our Healing Spells.

Green - mostly representing money, success, ambition, abundance and prosperity but also representing nature, the earth and fertility. Greenis used in our Money Spells.

Blue/Purple - dark and powerful colours, these are luxurious and rich. They provoke feelings of power, supremacy, ultimate control and influence. There is also an element of understanding, loyalty and truth to blue and purple. These colours are used in our Power Spells.

White - is all the colours of the spectrum combined, and is a purifying, cleansing and restorative colour. White is so positive that is helpful in virtually every magic spell! The ultimate colour for protection, peace, harmony, light, spirituality and safety, white is used in many of our spells but mostly the Protection Spells.

Open your eyes to the colours around you during the day, and try to notice what effect those colours have on you. Then translate that into your magic. For a clearer idea of how colours can affect magic, try out a few of our spells from different spell books!

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