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Shape Shifting Magic Spells - What Are They?

Is it really possible to turn into a dragon, or shape shift into a mermaid, or transform into a wolf or a snake?

I'm sorry to say, but no, it isn't. At least, not physically. However... there is a way you can do it...

The problem is that magic just doesn't work that way in real life. Magic is not like the tricks you see conjurers do on stage, or like the flash-bang whizzy stuff you see in movies. You won't be able to break the known laws of physics to move stuff around, levitate objects or transform into animals or other fantasy beings.

As much as you might want to become a vampire or something else, I'm sorry to say it's not going to happen. Anyone who tells you they can do it and they'll teach you how is misleading you (and perhaps even themselves!)

Real magic is not meant for shape-shifting anyway. It's meant for more subtle purposes. It's meant for helping you with your life goals, your relationships, your money and your success.


There is a way you can "become" a dragon, mermaid, vampire or anything else you want, and experience shape shifting...

You see, there are several planes of existence that we all live in. Some we experience every day (the real world while you're awake), some only occasionally and pretty much out of our control (for example dreaming), and others are accessible but take some practice to get into.

To experience shape shifting and transformation you must enter the "astral" plane. This is a place inside your mind where anything is possible. You've probably heard of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences...

These are all possible thanks to the power of the mind, and they are as real to the person experiencing them as anything else in the world. Think of it like this: your reality is made up purely of what you perceive through your senses. We experience the world around us through sight, hearing, taste, touch and so on.

If you cannot perceive something, how do you know it exists at all? (The age old saying: "if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" is based on this exact idea). And in reverse, what you perceive through your senses is absolutely real to you.

So... if you can learn to manipulate your senses and what they perceive, you can experience incredible things such as shape shifting, out of body experiences and all the rest.

But how does this all relate to magic and magic spells? Well, a large component of effective spell casting is powerful visualisation. If you get good at visualisation through your magic spells, you will naturally find it easier to begin practising more advanced techniques including shape-shifting.

When you're very skilled, it is possible to hop in and out of your shape-shifting state in a few seconds, and "transform" at will into whatever you want. To practice visualisation, keep practising your magic spells. Make sure you relax fully before you begin casting, and spend time working on your visualisation and stimulating your senses during the visualisation.

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